The examiner on the driving test will expect you to do your bay park: -


1.      Safely


2.      Smoothly


3.      Under control


4.      Making proper use of the accelerator, clutch, brakes and steering


5.      Without crossing the white bay marking.


6.      Whilst being aware of other road users


7.      Whilst looking all around throughout the manoeuvre


8.      After looking at the layout markings and the size of the space available


9.      Whilst using your mirrors and signal if necessary


10.  Ensuring you check your position and keeping your speed down


11.  Using effective all-round observation


12.  Looking out for pedestrians


13.  as neatly as possible, finishing with your wheel’s straight


14.  Making sure that your vehicle is neatly parked between the layout markings in the bay.






  1. Pick a bay.
  2. Count 3 bay boundary lines, including the “leading edge” of the bay you want to parking in, and line your car up so that the 3rd line “meets” your front side window half way along the window.
  3. Prepare the car to move in reverse.
  4. Observe through the front and back windows AND through all three mirrors do not forget to check the blind spot over your right shoulder.
  5. Move Start to reverse SLOWLY apply full lock (left or right as required), adjusting back as you enter the bay.
  6. When doing this manoeuvre take your time, reverse under full control, safely and steadily. Always maintain good, effective all-round observation and show consideration to other road users.



At all times maintain all round observations.