The examiner on the driving test will expect you drive into a parking bay (in a public place) and then reverse out to the left or the right:

1.      Safely

2.      Smoothly

3.      Under control

4.      Making proper use of the accelerator, clutch, brakes and steering

5.      While being fully aware of other road users

6.      While keeping looking all around throughout the manoeuvre.


1.      Drive slowly in the car park whilst you locate a suitable bay.

2.      Maintain good all round observations taking particular care to watch for families, elderly people, children and other motorists.

3.      When you have located a suitable bay, line the car up toward the opposite side of the lane giving a wide arc into the bay. Line up Using the reference point shown in the Reference point photographs.

4.      After looking all around the car, paying particular attention to BOTH blind spots, drive slowly into the bay whilst maintaining all round observations.

5.       After stopping well inside the bay and between the lines apply the parking brake and take the car out of gear.

6.      PREPARE the car to reverse out of the bay.

7.      OBSERVE all around the car

8.      MOVE backwards slowly, maintaining all round observations whilst mainly looking through the back window of the car.

9.      Slowly turn to either the left or right as you judge appropriate.

10.  When you are lined up at right angles to the parking bay apply the parking brake and prepare to move off and resume your route.


At all times:

·     Look mainly in the direction of travel.

·     However, you must maintain all round observations.