The examiner on your driving test will expect you to: -


 Use the MSM routine in good time


  1. Not to enter a crossroad junction unless your exit road is clear
  2. Slow down and stop before the crossroads if your exit road is not clear
  3. Control your speed on approach to a crossroads.
  4. Move off, after looking carefully to ensure it is safe.


How to negotiate a Crossroads


Approach using the mirror-signal-position-speed (Gear)-look (LADA) - {MSPSL} early and this will give you time to assess the junction before you get there. 


Remember that, unlike a “T junction” you have an extra road to consider. Observations are vital!   


You should only enter a crossroads if you can clear the junction without stopping. There is one exception to this rule; if you wish to turn right and your path is blocked by oncoming traffic, you may enter the junction. It is OK for you to wait on the yellow criss-cross providing your exit road is clear.
When the way is clear move away smartly and do not cause an obstruction.


When you should not enter a crossroads

You MUST NOT enter until your exit road or lane is clear.
IF there is a line of traffic already in the road on the right and there is no room for you to join this queue without blocking the flow of traffic you should not enter the junction.