When moving away from a parked position in the road you must remember to:












Keep both hands on the wheel!


·        Clutch (left pedal): Press down FULLY.


·        Gear: Palm into first gear - Push away and then toward the front of the car.


·        Accelerator (right pedal): Press gently down about the width of a £1 coin. Keep your foot still.


·        Clutch (left pedal): Slowly raise the pedal until the engine tone changes (THE BITE). Hold both feet still.






Keep both hands on the wheel!


·        Check all three mirrors (Left, centre then right - if pulling off from the left kerb. Right, centre and left (if moving off from the right kerb) for other road users. Then check your right blind spot - over your right shoulder (Left if pulling off from the right kerb).


·        If there are other road users preventing you from moving off wait and repeat all the observations until the road is clear.








If The road is clear to move off. (if it's not keep repeating "O" until it is!)




·        Indicate if it will benefit other road users.


·        Release the Handbrake


·        As the car moves slowly allow the clutch up.


·        Steer away from the kerb (right then left and finally straight)


·        Take up a Normal Driving Position.


·        Check your mirrors (Centre and Right) and gently increase your speed as appropriate for the road.