The examiner on the driving test will expect you to:

1.      Reverse into a space of about two car lengths

2.      Park your car at the kerb safely, smoothly and under control.

3.      Maintain all-round observations

4.      Not get too close to the parked car

5.      Not mount the kerb

6.      Stop reasonably close to the kerb




  1. Drive forward and stop parallel to, and a metre away from, the object car.
  2. Prepare - the car to move in reverse.
  3. Observe - through the front and back windows AND all three mirrors. Don’t forget your BLIND SPOT.
  4. Move - backwards very slowly and watch for the corner of the object car appearing in the bottom corner of the rear side window NOW look AGAIN into your BLIND SPOT!
  5. When you can see behind the object car in the bottom corner of the left rear side window (reference point 1), turn the wheel to the left one full turn. Continue reversing until the wing mirror of your car aligns with the back of the object car (reference point 2). Turn the wheel two turns to the right. Continue to reverse slowly maintaining all round observations every ½ car length.
  6. As your lights begin to reflect in the rear of the object car (reference point 3) slowly steer one turn to the left as the car straightens. Keep your car within two car lengths from the object car.
  7. Here you should be close to the kerb. If you need to correct your position you are allowed to move forward and backwards to get it right. Too much will be frowned upon by the Examiner. If you are not in the middle of the road and not on the kerb you should be O.K.

At all times:

·     Look mainly in the direction of travel.

·     However, you must maintain all round observations.