The examiner on the test will expect you to:


1.      pull up on the right hand side of the road (against the flow of traffic)


2.      safely


3.      under control


4.      maintaining good all round observations


5.      without causing other vehicles to slow down or take evasive action


6.      slowly reverse a distance of two car lengths, keeping a safe distance from the kerb, whilst maintaining good control and all round observations




When the examiner asks you to choose a suitable place to stop, do not rush! LOOK for a suitable place that will allow you to both stop safely AND reverse back two car lengths.


1.      look for a suitable place.


2.      check your MIRRORS (centre and right)


3.      SIGNAL if appropriate


4.      POSITION the car just to the left of the centre of the road.


5.      reduce your SPEED (changing GEAR) as required


6.      LOOK for a safe opportunity to cross the traffic.


7.      cross when safe and park reasonably close to the kerb.


8.      apply the hand brake.








9.      PREPARE the car to go in reverse


10.  OBSERVE all around the car (THINK BLIND SPOTS!!)


11.  MOVE slowly backwards whilst maintaining good all round observation.


12.  After moving two car lengths OR at the request of the Examiner stop and apply the hand brake.




13.  PREPARE the car to move off and return to the left hand side of the road


14.  OBSERVE all around the car (THINK BLIND SPOTS!!)


15.  MOVE off slowly, crossing the road whilst maintaining good all round observation.


At all times:


·     Look mainly in the direction of travel.


·     However, you must maintain all round observations.